Paul T. McGilvray
Film, Television and Animation

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About Me!

Welcome to my personal homepage! My name is Paul T. McGilvray, a 27 year old from rural New South Wales, Australia, currently living in Canberra!

My life as a film maker began in 2004 in Junee through an education program called IntheBen Film Festival, a workshop that travels to rural and outback communities to teach them about creating stories through the medium of short film. 

This enticed and encouraged me to follow my dreams, leading me to enroll in Charles Sturt University in 2013, set to graduate my Bachellor of Arts in Television Production. While at university, I have created a range of films and works, as well as learning about television and film, writting, acting and animation. 

My success have included several of my projects being selected to screen in multiple film festivals and showcases, as well as being screened on Australian and american televison. 

I am very passionate in my work, and plan to continue to follow my passion to create through many medums, television, film, animation and stage.

​Currently, I am in full time employment as a television studio director for Prime7 News, and freelancing on the side in whatever work comes my way. In dry freelance periods, which is often, I tend to write and work on my own personal projects.