"Archie, a spider scared of himself"
Archie, the Arachnophobic Arachnid, is the tale of a spider confronted with his fear of spiders when he receives a letter from his family, informing him that they are holding a family reunion at his place at the end of the day. 
Archie must prepare himself to face his family of variant spider breeds, and face his fear of spiders in the day leading up to the reunion! Will he be able to beat his fear of spiders by the afternoon, or was Archie always destined to fail

Artistic Inspirations

Archie is a spider crafted from wood, styrofoam, and wire, wrapped in layers of cotton wool to createa voodoo styled spider for the work. I have always wanted to work with voodoo styled work before, andd have decided it would be amazing to see brought into a stop motion. 
The film was further inspired by Christopher Kezelos's "Zero (2010)" (http://www.zeroshortfilm.com/) which utilised the same pattern and craft techniques. My film does not intend to create clean works such as the threadwork of Zero, instead keeping it crude for the effect of fear. 
Other artists who have inspired this worrk include the works of Henry Selick and Tim Burton, both who caan ccreate a ddark world using dark styled characters, but presented in such a way that you love the main character and can sympathise with the mmain, in this case Archie, throughout the work.  

Technical Details

Genres: Short | Comedy 
Certificate: G

Country:  Australia
Language: English (no dialogue)
Status of Film: Completed
Release Date:  TBA (Completed) 
Filming Locations:  Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. 
Budget: $500 (estimated) 

Screening Dates

Charles Sturt University Animation Screenings 2015                                                                                                                                    1 November 2015
Los Angeles Cinefest 2016 (Animation catergory)                                                                                                                                             7 December 2015  
Australian International Animation Festival 2016 (Australian Showcase)                                                                                           13-15 may 2016
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2016 (Australian panorama)                                                                                            19-26 June 2016
Australian Film Institute #SocialShorts (Open Catergory)                                                                                                                           8-15 August 2016


  1. Paul T. McGilvray
    Paul T. McGilvray Creator
  2. Ellen Marabani
Sound and Post Audio
    Ellen Marabani Sound and Post Audio


  1. Darby Minner
    Darby Minner Archie
  2. Kate Bannigan
Arabella (Pink Spider)
    Kate Bannigan Arabella (Pink Spider)
  3. Luke Sheldon
Dill (Grey Spider)
    Luke Sheldon Dill (Grey Spider)
  4. Rose Marel
Jasmine (Green Spider)
    Rose Marel Jasmine (Green Spider)
  5. Max Fraser
Trent (Purple Spider)
    Max Fraser Trent (Purple Spider)


Behind the Scenes

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