"Abbey rushed to her room, and got her favorite toys from under the bed."
Abbey is a sweet, innocent, and tourmented little girl, rushing home after a rough day of school to play with her dolls to make all of her problems go away. 

Artistic Inspirations

DollHouse uses a sort of 2D paper cut out look to its works, inspired by cinematic scenes from America McGees Alice - Madness Returns. It was a style I fell in love with, and wanted to see if I could make something just as creepy, and apply my style and this together.

Technical Details

Genres: Short Animation, Horror, Thriller
Certificate: PG

Country:  Australia
Language: English
Status of Film: Completed
Release Date:  TBA
Filming Locations:  Canberra ACT, Australia


  1. Paul T. McGilvray
    Paul T. McGilvray Producer/Writer/Director/Animator
  2. Douglas Spafford 
    Douglas Spafford Narrator


  1. Sally fire test scene
    Sally fire test scene
    This was a test with scene 2, introducing Sally. The fire was going to be 2D paper effect, but was later ditched for a visual effect element
  2. Title 2
    Title 2
  3. Title 3
    Title 3
  4. Title 4
    Title 4
  5. Title 5
    Title 5
  6. Title 6
    Title 6