Santa's WishList

"It wasn't a bike or a puppy, a bird or a fish"
A 2014 project that was scripted, cast, filmed and editting in the coursse of one and a half weeks leading up to christmas, Santa's WishList is a twisted tale of revenge and turning the ther cheek. 
It was intended with this film to create a non traditional christmas styled film, that would take a turn and twist in a direction that a cchristmas story should never go, but keep the aspects of christmas, magi, and continue a quirky style throughout, narrated like a childrenss book. 

Technical Details

Genres: Short | Comedy | Thriller
Certificate: M
Country:  Australia
Language: English
Release Date:  2015 (USA) 
Filming Locations:  Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia
Budget: $200 (estimated) 


  1. Nathan Ingram
Santa Clause
    Nathan Ingram Santa Clause
  2. Zoe Haddler
    Zoe Haddler Tink
  3. Kat Retter
    Kat Retter Pix
  4. Rodney Bedingfield
    Rodney Bedingfield Zonk
  5. John Paul Bacoy
    John Paul Bacoy Brad
  6. Bradley Arbuckle
    Bradley Arbuckle Jack
  7. Tim Lancaster
    Tim Lancaster Narrator


  1. Paul T. McGilvray
    Paul T. McGilvray Director/Producer/Writer
  2. John Bang
Camera Operator
    John Bang Camera Operator
  3. Jesse Price
Camera Assistant
    Jesse Price Camera Assistant
  4. Maximillian Schneider
Animation Supervisor
    Maximillian Schneider Animation Supervisor
  5. Darby Minner
Production Assistant
    Darby Minner Production Assistant
  6. Jordan Hancock
Production Assistant
    Jordan Hancock Production Assistant