Welcome, to the Circus! 
The circus is an old tradiontion of public performances that used unusual skils and talents of peope and animals. In more modern times, the art has died out due to conbinations in the evolution of Film and Television making entertainment more omfortable at home, rules and regulations for the safety and ethical rightss of people and animals, and a lack of interest in the new "restricted" medium. 
Through 2D animation, this project aims to restore some of a documented historical retale of what could have been seen or shown at thee old circus, performing around the idea of "Freak Shows" thaat captured aspects of people that were deemed to be "unnatural". 

Artistic Inspirations

The backgrounds are very heavily inspired by the works of Tim Burton and the artistic style of Klie's "Don't Starve" game series. These characters are presented as cute characters, but done in a gothic style of 2D animation, using washed colours and scratchy grunge looks. 
The other aim is to draw and create these characters with this style in a cute and non threatening or terrifying artistic sense. The target audience encorperates children up to young adults (6-30)

Technical Details

Genres: Projection | Family 
Certificate: G

Country:  Australia
Language: English (no dialogue)
Status of Project: Completed
Release Date:  TBA (Completed) 
Screening Locations:  Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia. 
Budget: $500 (estimated)