A 2014 film about a homeless man and his teddy bear trying to keep warm during a cold winters day in the rural city of Wagga Wagga. The film was created soley for the Wagga WaggaFest 2014, and screened at the Civic Theater.


  1. Feliks J. Woltersdorf
Homeless Guy
    Feliks J. Woltersdorf Homeless Guy
  2. Darby Minner
Helpful Guy
    Darby Minner Helpful Guy


  1. Paul T. McGilvray
    Paul T. McGilvray Director/Producer/Writer
  2. Jesse Price
Camera Operator
    Jesse Price Camera Operator
  3. William Robinson
Production Assistant
    William Robinson Production Assistant
  4. Daniel Lilly
Lighting Supervisor
    Daniel Lilly Lighting Supervisor
  5. Darby Minner
Sound Technician
    Darby Minner Sound Technician