"They have said all sorts of things about us Igor. That we are Mad! But we aren't Igor, and we will prove it!"
The rumored mad scientist, Doctor Frankenstein, and his most trusted assistant, Igor, use their masteries in SCIENCE to restore something very dear to them, back to life from beyond, Snackenstein is a comedic and cute variation of Mary Shelley's story "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus"

Artistic Inspirations

There is something beautiful about old stories and themes that today lacks. This idea of a simple story that is so creative and out there, unique even. Frankenstein has always been a huge story that I love, and inspired me to make something similar, but keeping to a fun cute short story using excentric characters, unusual colour pallete, using hand drawn and computer animation components. 

The style is inspired by Igor and Edward scissor hands for the design of Igor, a hunched back character wearing striped clothes and suspenders, with a derp look about him and six strands of wire thick hair. As for Doctor Frankenstein, he is inspired by a combination of Albert Einstein with his hair, and Doctor Membrane from Invader Zim (Which has a similar style to my own art and always been a huge influence in my work)

The story uses some reference to quotes and events that happen in the book, play, and movie, taking a lot of enviroment design inspiration from Jame Whale's 1931 original film, using abstract sets and science looking tesla devices.

Technical Details

Genres: Short/Animation 
Certificate: G

Country:  Australia
Language: English
Status of Film: Pre Production
Release Date:  TBA
Filming Locations:  Canberra ACT, Australia


  1. Paul T. McGilvray
    Paul T. McGilvray Producer/Writer/Director/Animator
  2. Simon Rossetto                                                                                                                           Co-Producer
    Simon Rossetto Co-Producer


  1. Douglas Spafford                                                                                                                    Igor
    Douglas Spafford Igor
  2. TBA                                                                                                                                                  Dr. Frankenstein
    TBA Dr. Frankenstein

Works in Progress

  1. Production Poster 01 - Landscape
    Production Poster 01 - Landscape
    The first release image of the production, used to promote the start of the production via facebook/instagram
  2. Concept Art - Igor
    Concept Art - Igor
    The design of Igor, inspired by Igor and Edward Scissorhands
  3. Concept Art - Dr. Frankenstein
    Concept Art - Dr. Frankenstein
    Concept Art of Dr. Frankenstein, inspired by Albert Einstein's appearance in a satirical form, and Doctor Membrane from Invader Zim.
  4. Scene 1 Shot 1
    Scene 1 Shot 1
    Yep, same as the title. Bite me.
  5. Recreation from "Frankenstein" (1931)
    Recreation from "Frankenstein" (1931)
    Recreation of the famous "IT'S ALIVE" scene from James Whales original mfilm adaption "Frankenstein" (1931)
  6. Opening Shot
    Opening Shot
  7. Douglas Spafford - Igor
    Douglas Spafford - Igor