"If but not for this curse, I could just touch her..."
THe Grim Reaper, resident and caretaker of the Cemetary, lays eyes on an intruder whom he falls in love with almost right away. The only catch is if he is to touch the mortal girl, she will, like so many, die.

Artistic Inspirations

Created from a combination of clay, fabrics and green screen animation techniques, The Love story of GRIM takes a lot of inspiration from The Nightmare Before Christmas in terms of the artistic look, and elements of ARDMANS Wallace and Gromit.

Technical Details

Genres: Romance | Comedy 
Certificate: PG

Country:  Australia
Language: English
Status of Film: Pre Production
Release Date:  TBA
Filming Locations:  Canberra ACT, Australia


  1. Paul T. McGilvray
    Paul T. McGilvray Producer/Writer/Director/Animator