Z the ZoMBIE

A super hero, gifted with the power of being... dead.
Z the Zombie is a comic series that follows an unlikely hero named Z, resurrected from an unmarked grave in the center of the city, with no memories of who he was, or why he has came back. 

Artistic Inspirations

Z for Zombie draws a lot of inspiration from the works of Jhonen Vasquez, most notably, Invader Zim, using strong colours and shading, and a quirky sense of dark humor. I was also inspired by heroes quite a lot, and always wanted to make an impact in the super hero universes, and had always wanted to create my own that was fun, exciting, and brought something different to the game. Other influences include The Incredibles, a favorite film of mine, and MegaMind, which influenced the creation of Z, a typical villian turned hero. 

Artists Involved

  1. Paul T. McGilvray
    Paul T. McGilvray Creator

Cover Art1

  1. Managing Director
    Dark magic stirs in the City, causing ZOMBIES to rise from their graves and unlease their undead curse onto the city. All except One... Z